Sarasota County’s Traffic Engineering is responsible for traffic signal timings and upgrades to the traffic signal systems and Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS).

Our Traffic Management Center staff adjusts signal timing to accommodate rush hour traffic, special events and to relieve congestion resulting from traffic crashes. Our goal is to provide the public with a safe and efficient travel experience during changing traffic conditions.

Traffic Engineering is also responsible for engineering and operational studies, such as sight distance investigations, traffic volume and speed studies, crash analysis and traffic safety studies.

More about what Traffic Engineering does:

  • Prepare traffic reports such as weekly traffic trends in Sarasota County, quarterly arterial performance, and annual crash reports.
  • Collect and analyze traffic counts.
  • Review citizen requests for signs, signals and pavement markings replacement or upgrades.
  • Provide engineering support for Field Services Traffic Maintenance Staff.
  • Review construction plans for new developments and roadway construction.
  • Review all road, lane, bike lane and sidewalk closure requests for construction and Temporary Use Permits.
  • Review Temporary Traffic Control Plans for construction within Sarasota County.

Traffic Engineering follows the standards set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the Florida Department of Transportation when adding or changing signs, signals, and/or other traffic control devices.